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led lighting products

    We are a professional manufacturer & international export wholesaler in the field of High Power LED lighting, LED lamp. The target of our engineer team is that to save our precious energy for the whole globe since our products give Higher luminance with lower energy consumption. Our products included:

1. High Power LED Light Bulbs (3W, 5W, 7W, 10W, 15W,18W, 27W, etc. )

2. LED Recessed Lighting Fixtures(18W, 27W)

3. High Power LED Cabinet lights

4. High Power LED Spotlight for indoor & outdoor use (30W,50W,80W,100W,120W)

5. LED Light Strips for Cabinet Lighting and LED Decorative Lighting

6. T5/T8/T10 LED light tube replace Commercial Office Lighting

7. 54W LED Grid Lighting for office.

8. LED Track Lighting(18W,27W) replace boutique lighting

9. High power LED Lighting 30W,50W,60W,100W,150W for street lights

10. LED Plant Grow Lights:50W LED,90W LED,120W LED,300W LED,600W LED. 11. 18Watt, 36Watt, 72Watt LED Light Panel


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